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Transforming Spaces With Custom Furniture

With Custom Furniture

Begin your journey towards a clutter-free life with our Custom Closets, furniture, accent walls, and built-in storage solutions. Book your free design consultation today!

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Successful Projects Completed

Custom Furniture

Personalized Craftsmanship

Your space, your style, our expertise – custom solutions that bring your vision to life.

Sustainability First

Eco-friendly materials and practices – because we care about our planet as much as your home.

Exceptional Service

From consultation to installation – your satisfaction is our top priority.

About Craftsmanbilt

Crafting Custom Storage Solutions in Indianapolis

From built-in cabinets to specialty remodeling of your home, we’re dedicated to transforming your living space with custom-designed, artisanal quality solutions that are not only aesthetic but also functional.

Craftsmanship Meets Customization



Accent Walls

Quality Materials

You deserve storage solutions made of high-quality materials that stand the test of time.

Locally Owned

We understand our community and are committed to enhancing homes in our area.

Expert Installation

We provide a hassle-free installation, transforming your spaces with minimal disruption.

Free Consultation

We take the time to understand your needs, ensuring that we capture your vision.

Craftsmanbilt’s Custom Furniture

Transform Your Home’s Storage Systems 

Ready to transform your space? Start your journey to a clutter-free, stylish home today!

Custom Designed Furniture for Your Home in Indianapolis

Why Choose Craftsmanbilt

Custom-Designed Furniture for Your Home in Indianapolis

Here are just some of the qualities that make us your ideal partner for superior, personalized, and sustainable storage solutions for all areas of your home. From living rooms and bedrooms to workspaces and laundry rooms, we’ve got you covered.

Storage Solutions

For Every Inch of Your Home

Our range of services include custom-designed furniture, accent walls, built-ins, interior decoration, color consultations, and specialty home projects.


Enjoy more room with our practical and stylish bedroom closets, and furniture.

Work spaces

Boost productivity in your home office, craft room, library, and more.

Living Area

Style and storage come together in our living room furniture.


Storage systems for convenient access to everything you need.


Making exceptional organization an everyday reality.

Our Simple Process

Design, Build, Transform


Schedule a Consultation

Book a free design consultation to assess your vision, space, needs, and budget for the transformation.


Virtual Design Creation

Collaborate with your dedicated designer using advanced 3D modeling technology to bring your vision to life.


Building & Installation

We build your custom furniture and install it with the utmost care, protecting your home as if it were our own.

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